Looking for a Job?

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We have a limited number of positions available at Checkout, but we still want to help you gain employment elsewhere, by supplying you with tips to up your A game and find the employment you deserve.

How to write a knock-out CV?

If you are fresh out of school and are looking for a job, make sure you put extra work into your CV by researching great CV templates.

Your CV should be simple and elegant, in plain black and white. Try to fit all your information on 2 pages, without any fancy borders or decoration. Check your CV for spelling errors before submitting your CV. Convert your CV to a PDF document before sending it to a company or a recruitment agency.

Don’t have enough work experience?

If your CV looks very bland without any work experience, then you can get some work experience by volunteering or asking a company to allow you a 2-week internship, for which you don’t require any salary. Of course, a salary would be great, but remember this is for the benefit of getting some work experience to add to your CV. Choose a workplace close to you so you can keep your travel expenses low during the internship. Most companies would readily agree to give you a non-paid internship if you ask them.

Struggling to send out your CV without a computer, fax or internet access?

Look to your local library or community centre where you will be able to access the internet for free or sometimes at a minimum fee. Your friendly librarian will be able to help you if you don’t have enough experience using a computer or email.

If you find that you have been unemployed for a very long time, then you need to change your mindset in regards to finding work. You will hear on the news or your friends might tell you that finding work is hard and jobs are few. If this were true, the millions of people who do find jobs every day would not be able to find jobs, but they do. You should to, by sending your CV out at least 4 times a week, If you are getting no response, ask someone to look at your CV to give you some tips on how to improve it. Keep on trying and don’t give up.

Top interview tips

Before you go for an interview, make sure you find out exactly what the company does, who their clients are and how you see yourself contributing. The interviewer will be impressed with your interest. Speak loudly, and confidently and take the opportunity to impress the employer by describing your strong points in abundance when given the opportunity to do so. Be honest in the interview and smile.

Please email CV to:  jobs@checkout.co.za