Soweto Magazine has embarked on campaign to help raise food donations and funds for young single moms and dads along with child-headed families. The campaign started on Tuesday 26th of March and later in the evening Soweto Mag posted on Social media to spread the word to families that might be in need of food. Three days later facebook page was viral and numbers went up of people who needed help because of hunger at their families. Some of the youth shared very heart breaking stories on how they are extremely experiencing poverty at home and there is no one to help as grant money from the government is not enough to feed their family.

“Im a single mother to 3 small boys 7 years 2 years and 8 months our only source of income is a child support grant with that money we use it for transport for school buy food clothes once in a while and its not enough to cover all our living expenses so it would take the load off if we could get the grocery”- Soweto single mom.


“As a single mom of 3 kids in house i strive to be my best for them my family support me but im in middle of month when i run short im to shy to ask them so by the last week of month my little boy of 12 years attend school without lunch and it’s killing me please i would never have filled in this if i didn’t need it and i would appreciate so ao much with your help please consider my application” – Capetown single mom

The news reached the whole South Africa with a staggering statistics as follows;

Soweto magazine facebook page

It is with great concern that a high number of South Africans go to bed hungry. This is due to the high unemployment statistics in our country. Single parents are the most and worst affected. Help Soweto magazine in the campaign to eradicate hunger. Your donations will be highly appreciated. Let us give hope to thousands of South Africans and our children.

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